Day 60

Wow, I can’t believe I have been 60 days into the Power 90 Workout.  Today was Sweat 3-4, Cardio/Abs and it felt like a major turning point in this journey.  I had a great workout this morning, pushed myself a little bit just to see if I could do it, and I did pretty well.  I really got into each workout routine as if this were the end.  I still have yet to do the full 200 abs.  Today I barely did 190 out of 200.  Those full body crunches are a killer.  I can definitely see the light at the end of the tunnel and the journey has been so amazing.
Today was also my measurement day and there have definitely been some changes since I started 60 days ago.  I have toned up in the tummy area, lost inches on my waist, hips, thighs and chest :o( – [kidding] and my arms are looking FIERCE!!!  I am so proud of myself for doing this and knowing that all this hard work is yielding some great results.
The best part about this whole experience is how I have incorporated exercising in my daily routine, and believe me, I have a lot on my plate as it is.  It just goes to show that it doesn’t matter how busy or hectic your life may be.  If you have the determination, drive and dedication, you can and will achieve anything.
Until next time, be well and take care.

Just 30 days left…

Day 59

Another early morning wake up call, thanks to Isaac.  I’m actually finding these 5am wake ups to be okay.  What is the point of whining and complaining?  Instead, I’ve decided to use this time to workout.  Today was Sculpt 3-4 Circuit training.  I alternated between the weights and the resistance bands and did really well with my push ups once again.  For my Max push-ups and Squats, I did 35 for both in 45 seconds.  I thought I’d be able to do more, but the arms and legs were not having it.
The boys love to create challenges for me, as usual.  Today was no different.  Isaac decided my arms would make a tasty snack while I was attempting my push-ups.  I don’t know how I managed to get through all of them, but I did.  Justus, as usual did the stretches and attempted the decline push-ups and Elijah was my mini Tony Horton :o)

Hopefully the boys will sleep tonight and we shall see what tomorrow brings.  Until next time, take care and be well.

Day 58

This morning, the boys decided 5:30 was the time to wake up this morning.  At first, I have to admit, I was not happy about it.  Seriously, guys, 5:30?!?!?!?  Well, I decided to make the most of the early morning wake up call and after I fed them, got right into my Sweat 3-4 Cardio workout.  I’m not sure if it was because it was so early in the morning or my adrenaline was pumping because it was so early in the morning, or because I was a little upset that they woke me up so early, but I had a GREAT workout this morning!!!  I really upped the ante this morning and really brought it.  Even my leg exercises were more on point.
As always, I had fun with the punches.  I think each time I do the punches, I think about all those who have done me wrong, or feel the need to treat me and my family and friends badly.  It really is a great way to release some tension, aggravation and anger.  I’ve got my target in my sights and I let ‘er rip!!!
I did about 185 out of 200 Ab reps this morning.  Today, all three boys decided to add some resistance to the routine, with a twist.  They each decided it would be a good idea to tickle me or give me extra raspberries while doing my sit-ups.  It was too much and they had me on a laugh fest.  It was all good, and I’m not really complaining.  I’m just so happy that they are so understanding, supportive and my biggest supporters during this amazing journey.
My weigh-in, measurements and photos are in two days and to say that I’m excited is an understatement.  At this point, some of my clothes are hanging and my upper body is really toned.  I don’t need to lose any weight.  I’m mainly working on toning and firming up those problem areas.

Until next time, be safe and be well.

Day 57

Today was Sculpt 3-4 Circuit training, and it was a great workout.  My push-ups are getting stronger each routine and I am able to do more during each segment.  The toughest ones have been the decline push-ups.  Your legs are on the chair and you’re on an angle.  Those are tough, and to do 15 off the bat was not an easy feat.  These past 2 workouts, I’ve done 15 reps of the decline push-ups without too much strain, but they still need some work.
I love working with weights and I’ve also gotten over my “fear” per se of the resistance bands and incorporated them into my workouts.  They work great for the biceps and with the endurance workouts, but for my other workouts, I like using the weights.  I might even be so bold as to say my 5lb weights are starting to feel a little light and I may have to shop for heavier weights.
My favorite workouts are still the lunges and Max push-ups and squats.  I’m still at 35 push-ups in 45 seconds and 34 squats in 45 seconds.  This is really nothing to be upset about, because when I think about it, throughout the entire workout, I’m doing lots of squats and push-ups.

This week will be the 60 day mark…more pictures, weigh-in and measurements.  I’m excited and can’t wait to see how much I’ve improved since Day 30.  Tomorrow is Cardio/Abs – my favorite.  Until next time, be well and take care.

Day 55

I completed day 55 of my Power 90 workout – Sweat 3-4 Cardio.  There is something about doing Cardio that I really, really love.  If you want to release some tension, or if someone’s pissed you off to no end, Cardio is the way to go.  It’s 45 minutes of stretching, power yoga, leg work, jumping jacks, kicking, punching and ab work.  I have definitely improved since Day 1.  Before, I could barely get through the ab work, now I’m doing 190-195 ab reps out of 200.  My favorite routine by far are the punches.  Jabs/Cross, Hook Uppercuts, Body Blows – oh man, talk about a rush.  My stretching and Power Yoga have improved as well.  I’m gaining flexibility again and it feels really great.
There’s still room for improvement.  I need to work on my leg work.  I start out great, but by Round 3, I’ve lost steam.  The boys have been really good about allowing me to workout as well.  Most of the time, they want to participate, which is an added bonus.  The help add to my ab work, especially, Isaac, my youngest.  He likes to lie across my stomach or chest while I’m doing my crunches (or give me raspberries.)  If I don’t get a good laugh out of it, it’s not a successful ab routine.
Tomorrow is a rest day and this coming week will be another photo/weigh in/measurement day.  It’ll be interesting to see how much I’ve improved on Day 60.

Until next time, be safe and enjoy your day.

My Power 90 Adventures

I never said I was great at blogging, but I am going to try…

I’ve done many workout routines before.  In fact, I was doing really well with my Windsor Pilates, except it finally gave out.  I’d seen infomercials about P90X and Tony Horton, and it looked interesting, but I wasn’t ready for that kind of commitment.  So, with the help of my friend, Suzanne Rogers she suggested I start with Power 90.

On Monday, September 13, I began my Power 90 journey, and I won’t go into too much detail about my past workouts, but I will say this – I am seeing results and the results are great.  Power 90 is a 90-day workout boot camp.  Throughout your journey, you track your progress and on days 1, 30, 60 and 90, you take photos and document your measurements.  You workout 6 days a week and rest for one day.  Each day is alternated between Sculpt/Circuit training, which includes weights, push-ups and squats.  The alternate day is Sweat/Cardio training, which includes lots of leg work, jumping jacks, kicking, punching and Ab work.

Power 90 is broken up into Phases.  Phase 1-2 introduces you to the routines and gets you and your body used to the workouts.  The routines last about 45 minutes and you go at your own pace.   You transition into Phase 3-4 on Day 30 and the routines are a little more intense, you go at a faster pace and they last between 35 and 50 minutes.  

The one thing you need to remember with the Power 90 workouts is you go at your own pace and always listen to your body.  I’ve been fortunate in that I’ve worked out in the past, but what’s great about the Power 90 boot camp is that I have incorporated my workouts into my daily routine.  I like to workout in the mornings anywhere between 6 and 10 am.  The boys are great motivators and my Mini-Tony coaches.  They love to encourage me and do some of the routines with me.  It’s a family thing.

Today was Day 54 of my Power 90 Boot camp, and I finished Sculpt 3-4.  My favorite routines in this workout are the Max Push-ups and Max Squats.  My best so far have been 40 push-ups in 45 seconds and 35 squats in 45 seconds.  I am definitely seeing results in my arms, abs and my endurance level has improved.  With that said, these results are NOT only due to the workouts.  I take my Oligo vitamins daily, my eating has improved, and I have made changes in my lifestyle to compliment these changes.  All these things put together have contributed to me feeling healthier, less tired and able to get through my day.

I’m not posting pictures until I complete the Power 90 Boot Camp.  I don’t want to get too cocky and think that because I’ve made progress  that I can slack off.  I will also do my best to post each day after completing my workout routine.

Until then, be well, and stop by soon.