Day 57

Today was Sculpt 3-4 Circuit training, and it was a great workout.  My push-ups are getting stronger each routine and I am able to do more during each segment.  The toughest ones have been the decline push-ups.  Your legs are on the chair and you’re on an angle.  Those are tough, and to do 15 off the bat was not an easy feat.  These past 2 workouts, I’ve done 15 reps of the decline push-ups without too much strain, but they still need some work.
I love working with weights and I’ve also gotten over my “fear” per se of the resistance bands and incorporated them into my workouts.  They work great for the biceps and with the endurance workouts, but for my other workouts, I like using the weights.  I might even be so bold as to say my 5lb weights are starting to feel a little light and I may have to shop for heavier weights.
My favorite workouts are still the lunges and Max push-ups and squats.  I’m still at 35 push-ups in 45 seconds and 34 squats in 45 seconds.  This is really nothing to be upset about, because when I think about it, throughout the entire workout, I’m doing lots of squats and push-ups.

This week will be the 60 day mark…more pictures, weigh-in and measurements.  I’m excited and can’t wait to see how much I’ve improved since Day 30.  Tomorrow is Cardio/Abs – my favorite.  Until next time, be well and take care.

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