20 Facts About Me – 100 Day Blog Challenge – Day 32

20 Facts About Me

1.  I was born in Kingston, Jamaica.  I left when I was 3 and have not been back ever since.
2.  I grew up in California (4 years) and New York (18 years.)
3.  I am a Brooklyn girl for LIFE!!!
4.  When I visited Alaska, as the plane was coming in for a landing, I fell in love and knew I wanted to live there (and did for 3 years.)
5.  Growing up, I always said I wanted 3 kids – 2 boys and 1 girl.  God had other plans, but the number is the same.  I’m truly blessed to be a Mom and love my boys to the moon and back – perhaps even further.
6.  I’m 4″ 11″
7.  I was named after Dionne Warrick (but I can’t sing like her – so don’t ask!!!)
8.  All creepy crawlies scare the crap out of me.
9.  I’m a sucker for a good chick flick, comedies, slapstick, drama…oh heck, I love movies!!!
10.  Music is my life.  I love, love, LOVE good music.  From the classics of the 50s, to the craziness of the 80s, ballads, classical, old school hip hop, etc.  If it’s got great lyrics, gets me dancing or evokes a great memory, I am hooked.
11.  I can be known to spew out some random quotes from movies, music and everything in between.
12.  I am an initiated member of Theta Phi Alpha Fraternity.  I made a promise almost 19 years ago and it wasn’t just something I did in college.  It’s a lifetime bond and I’ve been blessed to meet some amazing women from coast to coast.  It’s a big pet peeve of mine when I hear someone say they “were in” a sorority or fraternity.  No, it’s for life…you made a vow.  Honor it, cherish it, hold it close and protect it.
13.  I’m not overly superstitious, that’s why I’m keeping post #13 (except for the other number, which I won’t mention.)
14.  I truly believe that everything happens for a reason.  It’s my mantra and what I try to live by every day.
15.  I am considered loyal.  I value friendships and hold them very dear to me.  Everyone who I allow in my life, I consider them a friend for life.  If my trust is betrayed, while I might be able to forgive, I will never forget and our relationship will never be the same.
16.  My mind is like a sponge.  I remember lots of things.  I may not remember your name, but I will always remember your face.
17.  Bad grammar is the enemy.  It really, really, REALLY irks me when people use the wrong words in their posts/texts.  Spell check and re-reading your work before you post really helps.  It’s almost as bad as the nails across the chalkboard.
18.  I love taking pictures.  It’s a great outlet for me and how I express myself.
19.  I love to write more than talk.  I can get my point across better through the written word.
20.  My two favorite numbers are 7 and 20.  Seven for my date of birth and 20 because for me, it’s the perfect number.

Bonus facts…because I couldn’t stop at 20

21.  I kiss my kids goodnight at least 3 times before I go to bed.
22.  I love quotes and share them every day as a source of inspiration.
23.  I love to read.  I’m reading about 3 different books at once right now.
24.  I have a weird habit of making sure things end in even numbers.
25.  I am a certified FitBit junkie.  For this, there is no cure.
26.  I am a certified Facebook junkie.  Nuff said.
27.  My favorite colors are blue and purple.
28.  Peanut butter is my weakness.
29.  Fitness has become a part of my life (but I’m nowhere near my goals.)
30.  I love being a Mom who works from home.
31.  As I get older, I realize my loved ones are getting older.  I miss my Grandmothers and my Dad (even though we didn’t have a great father-daughter relationship.)
32.  I believe in spanking and am very strict with my boys.  It’s my job to prepare them for the real world and let them know that they are NOT the center of the universe.
33.  I am very hard on myself, my own worst critic and it takes me a while to realize all I have accomplished.  It’s something I need to work on every day.
34.  I like my smile.

I think that’s it for now.  Hope this has given you a little insight to who I am.  That is all.

One thought on “20 Facts About Me – 100 Day Blog Challenge – Day 32”

  1. I especially love #12 – April 1981 was my initiation into Kappa chapter and there has not been a day in the last 33 years that I have not worn my Theta Phi Alpha letters – even on my wedding day.

    Good to know so may cool things about you Dionne!


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