Your 5 Senses Right Now – 100 Day Blog Challenge – Day 36

My 5 Senses Right Now

When I first saw today’s topic, I thought maybe it was a joke.  I mean, really, my 5 senses right now?  So, I thought, ok, I’ll bite.  What are my 5 senses right now?  Here’s my interepretation of the topic at hand.  But, just to cover my butt, we’ve got touch, hearing, taste, smell, sight.

Full – Today, my 6 year old went to a birthday party.  His brothers wanted to stay as well, and my intention was to drop them off, hang out for a bit and head back home to take care of some things.  What ended up happening was I stayed the whole time, chatted with the Mom and other adults there and had a really good time.  The kids had fun, ate cake, played, being kids.  We got home and they still had lots of energy, so they ran around for a bit, we ate dinner and they headed to bed.

Tired – See explaination above.

Accomplishment – I actually got some things done that needed to be taken care of today.  Things that were on my list (yes, even on a Sunday) and I am happy.

Confusion – Maybe I’m overthinking this or I’m just really tired, but I have no idea what to think about today’s topic.

Excitement – a few things are coming up within the next 10-12 days and I am on pins and needles.

So, I have never felt more confused than I have with this topic.  But, I digress.