Timeline of Your Day – 100 Day Blog Challenge – Day 51

Timeline of My Day

I have to admit, when I saw this topic, I was dreading it.  In the past, I have been and was pretty diligent in keeping “To Do” lists and being on top of the things that needed to get done in my day.  This, I think, is a STRONG indication that I need to get back on that horse and start crafting my “To Do” lists once again.

So, here’s what my day looked like:

5:25am – Up out of bed
6:15am – Breakfast for Eljah and Isaac
6:30am – Lunches made for the boys
7:45am – Justus awake and had breakfast
8:15am – Boys out the door for the bus
8:20am – Bus picks up boys
9:15am – Pre-workout shake
9:30am – Workout
10:30am – Post-workout shake
11am – Phone calls
Noon – Lunch
1pm – Phone calls
2pm – Start dinner
3:45pm – Kids home from school
4pm – Snack
4:30pm – Homework 
4:45pm – Skye leaves with Mom
5:30pm – Dinner
6:30pm – Downtime
7pm – Bathtime routine
8:30pm – Boys in Bed
10pm – Training webinar
11pm – National Fast Track
Midnight – Finish blog 

Throughout the day, laundry is also being done, which includes lots of loading, unloading, folding, repeat.  There’s a load in the dryer as I’m typing.  Something I’ve taken notice in this little timeline is my eating patterns needs to be a lot better.  To be honest, I was going to think of an excuse NOT to post this topic, but, that would defeat the purpose of taking on the challenge, right.  The timeline has some additions and unexpected turns.  For instance, my oldest woke up about 45 minutes ago complaining about his ear.  didn’t really want to add that to the timeline, but, he’s resting in the living room right now, and is doing a little better.

So, starting tomorrow, perhaps tomorrow night, I am getting back to my “To Do” lists.  I was trained on this quite extensively, and I need to make sure I put this back to good use.  When I had those lists going, the things I got accomplished.  If I’m going to keep with this “New Day” theme, I better get on it in every aspect.

Thanks for reading, take care, and make today your new day.  if you’ve done “To Do” lists in the past and have gotten away from them, consider revisiting them.  If you’ve never had a list, consider starting.  Who knows what we can accomplish when we see it in writing.

Enjoy your evening, day, night, wherever you are right now.