Completing the Challenge – 100 Day Blog Challenge – Day 100

Stay the Course

This is it…my 100th blog post of my 100 Day Blog Challenge.  This has been an amazing journey.  I’ve been thinking about this blog challenge this past week and revisiting my blog posts.  It’s amazing how much has changed from day 1 until now.  

As with my other 100 Day Challenge, when I first started,  I was quite raw and a little all over the place.  I had an idea of what I wanted to do and what I would like to share.  It was just a matter of executing it and making sure my messages got across.

This blog challenge was a personal one.  There was no monetary value attached or some prize at the end.  This was a test of my writing ability and to be consistent with blogging.  What have I learned?  I’ve learned that the written word holds a lot of power.  I’ve learned that you don’t need to do anything fancy, just get started.  I’ve learned that once you make a decision on something, keep going and don’t stop until you’ve reached your destination.

I’ve learned a lot about goals.  I recognize and understand that goals are achievable, and you can also miss the mark.  I’ve missed the mark in some of my goals, even here with this blog challenge.  I didn’t blog for 100 consecutive days, and that’s okay.  When I first realized that I missed a day (Mother’s Day) I was devastated.  I put so much pressure on myself and I thought I was ruined.  Crazy, huh?  What I realized is that it’s okay to fall short.  It’s okay to miss a day.  I continued with the challenge and didn’t falter.  I missed a couple days; I continued with the challenge.  Some days, I had nothing to share; I continued with the challenge.

I’ve learned that I can do anything when I am determined.  I realize that no matter what others do around me, my success is up to me and me alone.  I realize that I am capable of

anything and I am a force to be reckoned with.

This was a great challenge.  It was a growth exercise for me.  Will I blog every day?  I’m not sure.  I will incorporate blogging into my routine because this has been such a fun experience.  I love to write; express my thoughts through words.

I have written 100 blogs.  What an accomplishment.  I can’t wait to see what I conquer next.

Thanks so much to all who have read my blog posts during this challenge.  I value your input and those who were just as dedicated to reading my blog posts as I was writing them.  I hope you continue to read my work and as always, welcome feedback and comments.

Take care, and be well.