What’s Your Earliest Memory? – 100 Day Blog Challenge Day 43

My Earliest Memory

I have to start off this blog saying that I completely FORGOT to post this last night.  When I finally realized what happened, I couldn’t believe it.  Anyhow, I beat myself up enough, dusted it off, and am posting now.

The pinky, the dress and the ice cream.
Nov. 1977

Yesterday was Mother’s Day, and the boys gave me my gifts, which were too cute for words.  Really made my day.  So the topic for this blog is what is my earliest memory.  My earliest memory comes from when I was 2 years old in my blue dress.  Yes, I do remember things that happened to me at that younge age.  

I was in Jamaica at the time, and I have always been a curious child.  We were in the living room area and I went over to an open door.  The curious one that I am, I decided to put my pinky in the opening.  My Dad came in and attempted to shut the door, but it wouldn’t shut.  He tried again, no luck.  He was about to try one last time when someone realized I was behind the door and they pulled me out.  There was my pinky, hanging by a thread.  You’re probably asking if I cried, and the answer is no, I didn’t.  I remember that entire incident, but the events at the hospital are a blur.  I have been told that I really let it rip when the doctors drained the blood from my finger.  I came very close to losing my pinky and to this day, you can see the gap between my ring finger and my pinky. 

Anytime I look at Isaac, my youngest, and how curious he is, I can’t help but think how the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.  There was one time when Isaac was two and I found him with his finger in an open door.  Oh goodness, I didn’t realize I was passing that down to my kids.  Too funny.

I hope all the Moms had a great Mother’s Day yesterday, and it shouldn’t be regulated to just one day to show your appreciation for your Mom.  Moms have the hardest job out there.  I’ve come to realize all my Mom did for us now that I have kids of my own.  The lessons she taught me as a child, while I didn’t appreciate as much then, I do now.  To all the Dads out there who are pulling double duty, I tip my hat to you.  And to all the Moms in Heaven, you are always looking down on us from above guiding us along the way.