What to Share…What to Share – 100 Day Blog Challenge – Day 27

So Much to Discuss…So Much Time…

Today, I’m at a diverged road trying to decide which path to take.  There’s a couple thoughts running through my head as to what I should share tonight, and I’m not sure which one to go with.  Do I go with my thoughts on children and discipline or discuss my trip to the dentist…

OK, the dentist wins.  So simple.

So, last week, I touched on the fact that I had an appointment to see the dentist because I had a tooth in pain and it just wouldn’t go away.  I was hoping they would take care of it last week, but, no such luck.  It was infected and had to take some antibiotics to prepare me for today.

With yesterday’s late April snowstorm and my white-knuckle drive home, and the conditions not any better this morning, my nerves were a little up there with this upcoming visit.  I knew what was going to happen, but I wasn’t sure how my experience was going to be.  I haven’t had too many bad experiences with the dentist, but, they don’t get much love sometimes.

Took this selfie literally minutes
before the procedure.  It was all done
before I could even blink.

So, the procedure went rather quickly…literally.  I was given a numbing agent, freezing of the area and sat for 10 minutes to let it kick in.  I tell you, I’m not sure exactly what he did in there, but, it was like 1-2-3, you’re done.  Start to finish, I’d say that took 15 minutes, and no pain.  Seriously, 15 minutes to get rid of pain that could have lasted longer.

My tooth was quite a sight (no, you can’t see it.  I didn’t take a picture, but I’ve got the image in my head.)  After, the right side of my face felt so numb, I may have gone one round with Mike Tyson.  That’s always the part that would get me going – the soft, numb face and lack of feeling and movement on one side of the face.


Seriously, it wasn’t bad at all.

This experience got me to thinking…and I’ve posted about this already, but, what fears hold you back from the things you want to do (or should be doing?)  Are you one of those people who creates a major scene in your head on how a situation may turn out, only to find it wasn’t so bad after all?  What have you been putting off?  Avoiding?  Not taking seriously?  Yes, I put off going to the dentist for quite a while (a REALLY long time) because of a couple unforgettable moments that I generalized into something that wasn’t a big deal.

Confusing enough for you?

So, let’s each make it our goal to tackle those fears head on…face those demons…make that appointment you’ve been putting off…whatever it may be for you.  Take the first step and make things happen for you.

Just get that sucker out – get it done…you’ll feel so much better in the end.  Oh, and be sure to take care of your teeth.  Re-read Dr. Seuss’s “The Tooth Book” next time you feel like indulging on some unnecessary junk.  Lots of great lessons in that book done in true Dr. Seuss form.

Let’s Talk About FEAR – 100 Day Blog Challenge Day 9

What is Fear?

Fear.  Four little letters that have such a BIG impact on our lives.  What is fear?  False Evidence Appearing Real (or False Expectations Appearing Real.)  It’s what we perceive in our minds and what we sometimes let consume us.

I’m guilty of being afraid of lots of things.  I’m not gonna lie, but there are times when the fear takes over.  When I look back on all the things I was “afraid” of, it turned out to me making mountains out of mull hills.  

What are some of my fears?  

Opening up to people – letting my guard down.  Too often than not, I look for the good in others because it is my belief that we are all good in some way.  Sometimes that has come back to bite me and I become more of an introvert and not want to let people in.

Change – change is a good thing because we tend to get very comfortable where we are. Be willing to step out of your comfort zone because that’s where all your dreams and achievements are found.  Embrace change.  Change is good and necessary.

Failure – this one has so many levels, it’s not even funny.  Failure as a parent, wife, business woman, friend, in life.  Failing to live my life to its fullest potential.  Why do we do this to ourselves?  Or at least why do I do this to myself?

Rejection – rather hearing “no.”  When someone tells us no, we tend to take it personally.  But, what we have to realize is the no is not to you, but to the situation.  Or, it could mean “not now.”  Learn to get past the no, embrace it and move on.

Success – when things are going bad, we know what to expect.  We’re more acceptable of the downfalls, because we can pick apart what could be improved.  But when things are going GREAT, you tend to wonder when the ball is going to drop or when will the rug get pulled from under you.  Success can come in many forms, and no matter how big or small, those accomplishments pave the way for better things to come.

What’s the cure for FEAR?

Do it anyway!!!  I’ve heard this over and over in many forms.  Do it afraid.  You’ve got an adrenaline rush, your palms are sweaty, your heart’s racing and that’s the BEST time to take action.  Inactivity breeds fear; activity breeds results.  When I first started this blog challenge, I was afraid of what the reaction of others would be.  Will anyone read them?  Will it make sense?  Will others get it?  WHO CARES?!?!?!  Just do it!!!  Let the chips fall where they may and things will happen.  Trust the process.

What are your fears?  What have you been putting off because you were afraid of the results?  Take action.  Do it anyway.  It’ll be hard in the beginning, but once you get over that hump, everything else is smooth sailing.

Conquer your fears – take action and put those fears to rest.