What’s in Your Fridge? – 100 Day Blog Challenge – Day 42

What’s in the Fridge?

I can’t help but sing the song from Imagination Movers – “what’s in the fridge; what’s in the fridge; what’s in your fridge.”  Par and par for the course when you’ve got kids.  Some more prying into my personal life today…just like any other day.  This time, it’s in my fridge.  For a bit, I was dreading this topic, then I thought, “Who cares?”  It’s my fridge, my food, my house.  Trust me, there’s nothing in there that would be cause for alarm or to contact the food police.  

So, here’s what’s in my fridge:

It’s your basic, run of the mill refridgerator with all the basics and some indulgences.  Your regualr staples – milk, eggs, bread, fruit, water, leftovers, cheese, and everything in between.  It didn’t come out, but on the bottom shelf of the door is a jar of peanut butter, another carton of almond milk and another carton of juice.  I just realized the jug in the door is pretty empty.  This is actually a GOOD day.  The way these boys have been eating lately, I’m surprised there’s something in the fridge to photograph.

Fairly simple, to the point, and self-explanitory.

So, what’s in YOUR fridge?  Do you dare to share?