Happy Birthday, America – 100 Day Blog Challenge – Day 94

A Special Day

Today is Independence Day.  America’s birthday.  This day in particular is very special for me.  On this day 17 years ago, my Mom and I were sworn in as American citizens along with hundreds of others at Hofstra University.  I grew up in the States, since I left Jamaica when I was 3.  I’ll never forget the day.  The weather was beautiful and there was the right amount of breeze.  Being surrounded by so many people who were there because they wanted the same opportunity as others.  Having that recognition made it all valid.  Proof that we belonged and had a right to be called American citizens.  It’s an amazing feeling.

Now, I am living in Canada.  Today, the boys played “O, Canada.”  They wanted to make sure I start learning the national anthem.  Right after playing the anthem, my oldest asked, “What song did you sing when you were in America?”  That one question spoke volumes to me.  I played the “Star Spangled Banner” for the boys and to this day, each time I hear that song, I get choked up.  Fully understanding the validity of the song and what today means to me, I can’t help but get emotional.

So, as the day is winding to a close, I hope all my American friends had a great 4th of July celebration surrounded by family, friends and love.  A friend of mine sent a great note today and a particular section sticks out the most – “We think freedom not as the right to do as we please but as the hope to do what is right.” It is my hope that we always remember those who fought and paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms. Enjoy your weekend, be safe and all the best to you and your families.