Having "The Talk"

I need to prepare myself to have “the talk” with Elijah really soon.  “The talk” about him being bi-racial.  We’ve sat down and talked with him before, but now that he’s in school where the majority of the students are white, I’m almost positive he’s going to encounter some conflict in terms of why his Mommy’s black and all the other kid’s Mommies are white.
It’s 2010, and we’ve seen so many changes happen in this world.  Yet, the same underlying problem of ignorance always seems to rear its ugly head.  To be honest, I have only had a few incidents of racism and those few times were with ignorant people.  OK, full on idiots – I mean these people were so stupid, you could tell them there’s clouds in the sky and they’d argue with you and say otherwise.  But overall, no one has REALLY ever come up to me and made racist, derogatory comments, so this is going to be a challenge for me.  I’m pretty sure some have gone home and said something, but it’s been very rare.

I’m not sure exactly what I’m going to say, but I need to figure something out.