What Are You Afraid Of? – 100 Day Blog Challenge Day 34

What Are You Afraid Of?

This is just too interesting.  Almost a month ago, one of my posts was about fear, and asking what are we afraid of?

For me, I’m not going to lie, I have some fears, and a lot of times, I let those fears take over when they really don’t need to.  I listed a few in my earlier post, and I’ve thought of a couple more, which I will share in this post.

  • The Unknown – with this one, it can have different meanings.  In this case, it’s not knowing what the future will bring.  I’m not saying I want to know EVERYTHING that will happen, but just not knowing certain things can be a little nerving.
  • Snakes/Worms – this goes back to my 20 facts about me post and creepy crawlers.  When I was a kid, I saw this movie called “Squirm,” which was about some killer earthworms.  It was HORRID…they were coming out of the shower heads, they were in people’s drinks, they were in the beds; I mean, it was just….UGH!!!  I’m not even gonna get into snakes or spiders.  Remember “Anaconda,” “Arachnophobia”?  Nuff said.
  • People – seriously, I worry about some people and their thinking.  It’s literally scary the things some people think and believe to the point where you have to wonder if everything is running properly upstairs.  I wonder how some people can believe their own craziness, and I’m sure some may look at me and say, “Well who are you to label someone crazy…”  But, in all honesty, there are some people in this world who really scare me if they were to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, if that makes any sense.  People just scare me.
  • My own insecurities –  yes, I doubt myself a lot, I sometimes second guess myself or let other people’s views cloud my judgement.  There have been times where someone has said something about me THEY felt was true and because of my insecurities, I almost believed it to be true.  Crazy, huh?  But, I’m a very emotional person, in the sense that I am very giving to others and when it’s mistaken for something else, I start to question/doubt myself.  I don’t give myself enough credit.  But, this is something that I have been working on to improve.
So, those are some more of my fears, but as the photo states above, those fears are just False Evidence Appearing Real and the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.  So, it’s time to get over ourselves.  Everyone else has.