Please Don’t Waste My Time

If the title doesn’t reveal it, this is a rant.

I am a Wife.
I am a Mom of 3 active boys.
I have a family of 5.
I work from home.
I have a house to maintain.
I have finances to balance.
I workout 6-7 days a week.
I am a professional.

I am a BUSY woman.  Hence the title of my blog, “Diary of a Busy Mom.”

That being said, if I set time aside for you, have the common courtesy to hold up your end of the deal.  Now, don’t get me wrong; I understand that things come up, and life throws you a curve ball.  I get that – heck I LIVE that every day.  But understand, that while many may look at me as JUST a stay at home mom, who happens to work from home, I am VERY professional.  If I tell you I will call you at 10am ET, you better believe that when the clock strikes 10:00:00, your phone will ring, and that’s me calling.  If I set an appointment with you, that doesn’t give you free reign to bail on me at the last minute.  That is time I have set aside away from my family, away from other obligations, away from ME time, which I rarely get.


My time is just as valuable as yours.  Please don’t insult my intelligence.  If you were to display such behavior at a JOB INTERVIEW, cancelling at the last minute, not only will you not get a second chance by that company, but your resume will end up at the bottom of the pile or even thrown away.  There are many out there who have been out of work for YEARS and would bend over backwards for the chance to showcase their talents.  You are expendable in the job market.


I offer people a second chance, hope, the chance to make a difference in their lives and the lives of others, and I continue to do so on a daily basis.


If you set an appointment with me, and that appointment is confirmed, if I don’t get 24 hours notice that you need to reschedule, you should feel obligated to keep that appointment.