Doing it on Purpose – 100 Day Blog Challenge – Day 69

Doing it on Purpose

Today, I attended a Super Saturday in Halifax, which is a day of training and strategy building.   My day started at 3:30am,  followed by 2-3 hours of travel time. I was real excited because the momentum from Convention has spilled over into this event.

It was a great turnout, filled with lots of great tips and suggestions, emotions and a sense of urgency to make things happen.  I’ve never been more excited for what’s to come and how many lives will be changed for the better.  In order for this to happen, it requires taking action and doing it on purpose, and this is what I have been saying to myself the entire drive back home.

This is the right time, I’m in the right vehicle and everything is in place for success.  All that is left is to dive in , dig deep, keep moving forward and team up with others who desire change.   Is is scary?  Yes.  Will everyone see what I see? No.  Is there work involved?   Absolutely.   And in the end, it will all be worth it.

I’m still on a high from all the excitement and it could also be because I’m really exhausted. So, tomorrow is a new day, I’m moving forward with a purpose and will keep going until I get there.  

Can’t wait to see what the next 90 days will bring.

On My Own…Again and Moving Forward – 100 Day Blog Challenge – Day 61

Holding Down the Fort

This afternoon, I drove hubby to the airport to head back to Alberta.  It’s something that never gets easy or what we get used to.  It was great having him home, even though I was gone for part of his stay.  Thankfully, it wasn’t an emotional send-off.  The boys were home and they said their goodbye’s there.  For me, it’s not that I don’t get emotional, but I just don’t show it.  This is our life, and for now, this is what we have to do to move forward.  We don’t like it, but, we are making it work because we HAVE to.

This go around, my resolve is different.  The promise is clear, and I know what needs to be done.  It’s hard taking care of the boys on my own, while maintaining a household, spedning quality time with the boys, running a business, and not lose my mind in the process.  I’m actually looking forward to the next few months and seeing how much I will grow as an individual.  As I stated, the promise is clear to me, now more than ever.  This is temporary; a sacrifice that we must endure in order to reach and exceed my goals.

I am welcoming the challenge; embracing the change ahead and will continue to move forward with that no matter what mindset.  No matter what is thrown my way, I will overcome it.  No matter who isn’t supportive, I will perservere.  No matter what happens, I will not stop.  I will keep going.  Why?  Because the promise is clear that when the dust clears, my family and I will be one unit and we will be in a position where we will be stable.  It’s going to be a tough road ahead, and I am ready.

I hope you’re ready for me!!!  Otherwise, step aside!!!