What Do You Collect? – 100 Day Blog Challenge – Day 55

What Do I Collect

For those who know me well, they know the answer, hands down is penguins!!!  I love penguins, and this is mainly in part to my college days when I became an initiated member of Theta Phi Alpha Fraternity.  What can I say?  Penguins are always dressed for a party, you’ll usually find them in a group, and they’re there for each other.

When I moved to Canada and my MIL heard about my love of penguins, she would be on a mission to find me anything with penguins.  The problem is penguins are mainly associated with Christmas (at least around these parts.)  But, once she learned my love of penguins, anywhere she goes, and if she finds penguins, she’ll bring them for me or save them for Christmas and add them as a stocking stuffer or gift.

There we go…a selfie
in my penguin jammies.

Over the years, I’ve just fallen in love with peguins, and I collect them every chance I get.  It is simply known that I love penguins.  I’ve got little penguins trinkets all over my house; penguin mugs; post-it notes; mouse pads.  You name it, I just might have it.  My kids put some penguin stickers on my laptop.  Even as I’m typing this blog, I looked down and realized I’m wearing a pair of penguin pajamas (courtesy of my MIL.)  Call it an obsession, whatever, I love penguins.