It is NOT Easy – 100 Day Blog Challenge – Day 77

Don’t Trvialize My Business

I work from home.  I’m a Mom who works from home.  I work from home on a part-time basis because I am raising my children.  I work from home because there isn’t anything for me in the workforce and I do not want someone else raising my children.

These are some of the reasons why I am a Mom who works from home.  Notice I didn’t say I have a home-based business.  Why?  There’s so much baggage that comes with that term, along with a few others that get under my skin.  The main one which is this is EASY.

Easy?  Are you kidding me?

What part of working from home is easy?  Better still, what part about YOUR business do you feel is so darn easy that you have to trivialize others?  I see so many in social media who throw up all over people and are just shouting from the rooftops about how their business is so great and you can make thousands of dollars in hours, by doing nothing.  

Really?  Doing NOTING?!?!  REALLY?!?!?!

I have partnered with this company for just over 6 years, and I have been a very happy customer.  This company has helped my family in so many ways, I cannot begin to explain. Along the way, I have decided to introduce others to this company because I believe there is something here for them either personally, financially, physically and/or environmentally.  Some have seen the benefits…MANY have NOT!!!

I have been rejected numerous times.  I’ve been hung up on, told this is one of those; this is a scam; they’d rather buy their items at the dollar store because it’s cheaper.  I’ve been told that while the products make sense, they are very loyal to their brand and even though their brands are very harmful, should something happen, the government will take care of them.

Don’t get me started on THAT one.

I’ve had people tell me there’s no money in this business.  People get hurt and that you shouldn’t have to spend money to start a business.  There have been many who say that if they don’t make thousands in their first week, it’s a scam.  Those are people who I see as uncoachable and living on Fantasy Island.  Good luck with them.

I won’t go into all of the documentation and scientific facts that back up the credibility of this company and  why I have chosen to partner with them.  That’s for a personal one-on-one or webinar where you can get all the information.  What I will say is that for any business to work, you have to develop a relationship with others.  That seems to be lost in a lot of the individuals out there who claim to be big shots.

My point is, this business is NOT EASY!!!  You have to WORK, and for some, they have to work a little ore than others.  Even those “big shots” you see out there who are “making money,” how many of them have actually sat down with you and shown you what they do?  How many of them are willing to share their business report, and tell you the TRUTH?!?!?  If no one has told you in the past, you cannot get rich quick.  You have to WORK.  There is no way around it.  You have to put in the time, effort, and TIME (yes, I said that twice) in order to see results.  The results will not happen quickly, either.  It takes times.  Even if you start out of the gates quickly, you have to maintain that momentum, and that takes work and time.

Stop lying to people by telling them all they need to do is this or just do that.  It’s not that easy.  You’re setting people up for failure and putting your credibility in the toilet.  You’re also making us honest people look bad by destrying all the hard work we put in every day.

This weekend was a tough one for me.  I am a slow business builder.  I am building my business part-time because I still have a young one at home who requires my attention.  It’s a lot of work and it’s downright HARD.  You think you’ve found an ideal partner, and for whatever reason, they go sideways.  Or, you find someone and they’re not coachable, and want to re-invent the wheel.  Or you find someone who is so full of themselves and had to take credit for EVERYTHING.  I’ve had days where I wanted to trhow in the towel and say, “Forget this.  This is too hard.”  Then, I think about the alternative.  Putting in a resume, competing with others who are looking for work.  Not getting paid what I’m worth.  Being away from home and asking someone else for time off.  I look at my kids and what I would miss if I were to work outside the home.  That’s not for me.  That is not what I want to do.

So, I keep going.  If I have one of those days, I dust myself off and start over.

I love the analogy of the deck of cards.  You have 52 cards in a standard deck.  We’re all

looking for those Aces.  There are only 4, and 9 times out of 10, they all won’t be at the top of the stack.  What do we need to do?  Go through the deck until we find those Aces.  Most of the time, we find some good ones who decide to be your loyal customers.  Those are your number cards.  The face cards are your potential business builders who may go the distance.  But those Aces, they are rare and very hard to come by.  Many times we find those Aces and we’re not ready for them.  I’m guilty of finding and losing Aces.

And then you have the occasional Jokers that find their way in the deck.  These are the ones who make the most noise and cause a lot of trouble.  They’re the ones who are only in it for themselves, not willing to help others, giving false or half information and telling everyone this is so EASY!!!  These Jokers are the ones who make it very difficult for the rest of us.   Sometimes these Jokers disguise themselves as Aces and we don’t realize until it’s too late.  Sometimes your deck can be full of jokers and you’ve got to go through a few decks of cards to find your TRUCE Aces.

Even those who have told me no, I do my best to make sure we still have a great relationship and o bridges have been burned.  In the end, not everyone will see what I see, but that shouldn’t mean jeopardizing a relationship.  That’s something I’ve seen others do, which is really sad.

But all is NOT lost.  Those who win, I mean TRULY win in this business are the ones who show up every day.  DO the activities every day.  Navigate through the noise every day.  Keep going every single day and do not stop UNTIL they reach their goals.  

This business is NOT easy.  There’s a lot of work involved.  Not everyone will do this because they are not willing to look long-term.  They are only interested in the instant gratification and not willing to invest in THEMSELVES.  You’ll find more of these people than those who are all in.  Think long-term.  Don’t go for the easy one.  Put in the work, just like everyone else has.

It’s not easy, but it’s most certainly worth it.  My family is worth it.  Those who decide to partner with me and go all in are worth it.  They are worth it.

Are YOU worth it?

Stepping Back, Recharge and Getting a Fresh Perspective – 100 Day Blog Challenge Day 10

Sometimes Our Biggest Obstacle is Ourselves

I ALWAYS get giddy!!!

Do you ever have one of those days where it starts off on a positive note and then it takes a slight dip?  Well, today was one of those days.  I was super excited, because a package was scheduled to arrive today and I turn into a kid on Christmas morning.  I knew what is was, but that anticipation is just so awesome.  Anyhow, my package arrived, and I had some pleasant surprises in the box.  Oh, how I love a little extra.

As the day progressed, things started to shift.  I had some work do do and I asked the boys to give me an hour so I could do my work.  I should know that it goes in one ear and out the other.  Thankfully, I was speaking with a friend who’s also a Mom, but it’s can be so frustrating when you ask for that time.

I felt like I was on overload, so I shut down.  Once the boys went to bed, I shut down my laptop, lights and gave myself permission to take a break.  That 90 minutes off felt so good.  I took a little nap, woke up and felt rejuvenated.  It also gave me a chance to evaluate myself, if that makes sense.  As my subtitle states, “sometimes our biggest obstacle is ourselves.”

Why do we, or at least, I (I can only speak for myself) over complicate things?  Just keep it short and simple.  Just be yourself, honest and speak from the heart.  People will be able to tell whether or not you truly care about their well-being, or if you’re trying to “get” them.  This particular instance didn’t happen with me today, but after I shut down for that little bit, I did a self-evaluation and this came to mind.

Tackling the Fears and Keeping Connected

Today, people are afraid.  This is a scary time for so many and not sure what the future will hold.  The last thing someone wants is to feel as if they’re being short-changed or taken for a ride.  I was just listening to a training, and one of the things discussed is the importance of keeping connected with others.  Touching base, and I don’t mean via text, email, or even Facebook.  But a good old-fashioned phone call.  When was the last time you picked up the phone and had a conversation with someone?  Does anyone else still do this anymore?

When was the last time you received a letter or card in the mail just because?  These days, all that shows up in the mail are bills and flyers.  Remember pen pals?  What ever happened to sending hand-written notes to others letting them know you’re thinking of them and hope they’re having a good day.

Sometimes we are our biggest obstacles and the thing we need to do is go back to the basics.  Reach out to someone who’s been on your mind.  Pick up the phone, call, write a letter, send smoke signals, WHATEVER.  Reconnect with the person you’ve fallen out of with who you’ve been dying to contact.

I am so guilty of this and need to be more proactive.  the information age is great, but sometimes it can be overkill.  Shutting down for a bit has made a world of difference.  It’s opened my eyes and given me a clearer picture of what needs to be done.  So, next time you’re thinking about someone, reach out to them.

You just never know, you may change that person’s life that day.

Do something without expecting
anything in return