Your Pet Hates – 100 Day Blog Challenge – Day 37

My Pet Hates

This title seems a little harsh.  I mean, hate is such a strong word.  Plus, what if I didn’t have a pet?  How would that pan out, huh?

Say “hi” to Precious
This was taken by Isaac.

Well, luckily, we do have a pet, and her name is Precious.  She just turned a year in March and we’ve had her since October.  The boys REALLY love her and she seems to tolerate their craziness, which I must give er credit.  She’s pretty mellow, but definitely responds to new people (or anyone) who shows up.  

As far as “hates”, she’s still a work in progress.  She’s very protective of her people, and once she thinks you’re okay, she leaves you alone (or doesn’t growl at you too much.)  Like I said, for me, “hate” is pretty harsh and Precious is a pretty good dog.  She came to us at the right time.