Your 10 Favorite Foods – 100 Day Blog Challenge – Day 65

Favorite Foods

Food, glorious food!!!  Not gonna lie, I love food.  Let me rephrase that – I love GOOD food!!!  I love to cook, so whenever I can make a certain food (which is quite often) that makes it even tastier.  I like to add my touches to my dishes that not only taste good, but are good for you.  This is due in part to a lot of great cookbooks and growing up with a Mom and Grandmother who taught me well.  Today’s blog asks to list my 10 favorites and these are in no particular order.  It’s just based on which food item pops into my head:

Thanks to Jessica Seinfeld
and her deceptive recipes, this
pizza was a HIT!!!

1.  Pizza – growing up in NYC, I’ve had my fair share of pizzas.  What’s not to like – good cheese, amazing toppings and a crisp crust.  A couple weeks ago, I made homemade pizza and it came out AMAZING.  It had lots of good-for-you hidden ingredients that the kids didn’t even notice were there.  I also had some visible veggies and had a split pizza – half pepperoni, half chicken and spinach.  Anyhow, I’m rambling here, but when I find a good pizza, I run with it.

This is soooo good!!!  Thank you,
Gordon Ramsay.

2.  Chicken – oh man, it can be baked, fried, sauteed, curried, in soups – give me a juicy chicken and I will love

you forever.  One of my favorites is Gordon Ramsay’s Sticky Lemon Chicken.  Each time I make this, there are empty plates – heck, they’re LICKING their plates.

3.  Bagels – going back to my NY roots.  I’ve lived in quite a few places, and there’s NOTHING like a New York Bagel.  If I could have them shipped to me monthly, I’d be a happy camper.  In the meantime, I enjoy what’s available in my backyard.  Bagels are just so much fun to eat as sandwiches, for breakfast, with my tea/hot immune boost, etc.

4.  Burgers – Beef, chicken, turkey, I love burgers!!!  I love to make my own burgers because I get to be creative in the kitchen.  There’s something about getting my hands dirty and molding a great burger.  Oh yum!!!

5.  Bacon – ‘Nuff said!!

6.  Salmon – I lived in Alaska for 3 years and while I was there, I wouldn’t go NEAR salmon.  I move to the other side of the country, and now I’m in love with it.  Crazy, huh?  I had the BEST fresh-water Alaskan salmon at my fingertips and turned my head to it.  But, now, I can’t get enough of this fish.  This is another item that I love to get creative with in the kitchen and is always a hit with family, friends and everyone in between.

6a – Halibut/Tilapia – Halibut is another piece of fish that I fell in love with AFTER leaving Alaska, that’s worth mentioning on my list.  I can’t remember when I started adding tilapia to our menu, but I’m so glad I did.

7.  Banana Bread – Not to tout my own horn, but I make a mean banana bread that begs people for more.  Over the years, I try to perfect it, but my hubby says no need to – leave it as it is.  I have two versions that I usually make, one which is from Chef Anna Olson’s recipe (white chocolate banana loaf) and the traditional banana bread.

8.  Pasta –  sometimes I wonder if I was Italian in my former life.  I love making pasta dishes.  From spaghetti, to fettuchine, lasagna, mac and cheese…pasta is a hit in our house.  It has to be with 3 boys.  Sometimes this is ALL they will eat.  

9.  Rice and Peas – a tried and true Jamaican dish that you’d find being made for Sunday dinner while we’re at church.  I love rice and peas, and I love having it with a good stewed chicken or oxtail, curry goat, whatever!!!  If you’ve ever been to a Jamaican or any West Indian/Caribbean household, you are guaranteed to have something like this placed in front of you.  Get ready for greatness!!!

10.  Fresh fruit – I have come to appreciate good fruit lately, now more than I did as a kid.  What I love about fruit is that it’s great on its own or juiced, used in shakes, summer drinks, whatever.  Recently, I used fresh watermelon in a drink recipe that I’ve had for a few years, mixed with ice cubes and a calorie free lemonade.  It cooled you off, was refreshing and everyone kept coming back for more.

Honorable Mentions 

12 – Shakes – Pre-workout, protein, low glycemic, fiber…I love my shakes.  I love adding fruits, ice, peanut butter, almond milk, water…I love my shakes.

13.  Peanut Butter – I’m one of those crazies who likes to have some on the spoon.  Don’t judge.

For any of you superstitious one out there with the number 13, if you notice, I do have a 6a in my top 10.  So, technically, I’ve listed 14 items.

So, how many of you are hungry right now?