A Determined Soul – 100 Day Blog Challenge – Day 49

Moving Forward

Me in the hotel lobby
in SLC leaving for home.

I have made it home safely, and instead of going to sleep, I am up. Some would call this crazy, but, it’s my mind at work, and it won’t let me rest until I get done what needs to get done.

I had a great 4 days in Salt Lake City for our annual Convention, and as usual, I left with a lot of passion, drive, and determination to move forward.  As I was sitting on the plane (on one of my many legs,) I started to write out my game plan.  It’s great when you leave from something like this with a lot of drive, but you also need to put a plan in place.  At least, that’s what I needed to do.

A year from now, things will be different because I will make it different.  My resolve has never been more clear, and once you make that decision, you will not be denied.  It’s funny, so many things are starting to align into place and starting to happen.  How crazy is that?  Just making a decision results in things happening.

Who would have thought?

Anyhow, as excited as I am, I better get some sleep.  My little guys will be waking up in a few hours and will be excited to see their Mama.  It would be a good idea to be a little rested when they decide to unleash all their excitement.

In closing, here’s something to think about…what do YOU want your life to look like a year from now?  What are you determined to make happen in your life?  When will you decide?  It’s up to YOU.  No one else.