100 Day Blog Challenge Day 2 – The Winter That Keeps on Giving

Another Day, Another Storm

Well, this has been the winter that just won’t end!!!  My goodness, to say that we’ve had quite the winter would be an understatement.  This morning around 7:45, the power went out.  It’s been teasing us all week, and hubby and I talked about being prepared just in case.

Just in case came today!!!

View from my back yard this morning.
The ice man cometh!!!

I heard on the radio that about 18,000 customers are without power.  I also saw on the internet some power lines that have been snapped due to all the ice build-up.  Goodness gracious, this is too much!!!

Man, oh man, I’m not gonna lie, I am SO TIRED OF WINTER!!! Getting that generator started was no walk in the park, so I had to call on my neighbors to help.  

Thank goodness for friendly neighbors. John came over and had to take the darn thing apart because it started to spark (which it shouldn’t do.)  Turns out, there was a part loose, so he pulled a MacGuyver on the generator so that it would be easier to turn on and off.  A few hours later, they called to check in and find out if we needed any extra gas for the generator, just in case.  Oh, another sigh of relief.  He filled 2 jugs for me and no joke, not even 10 minutes after he brought back the jugs, the generator stopped. Why?  It ran out of gas!!!

So much ice, the branches are bending.

Thank goodness for friendly neighbors, especially since hubby’s working out West.  

So, the boys have been out of school since last Wednesday, due to storms.  It started storming again and it looks like we’re in for another 10cm overnight and maybe more snow tomorrow.  Really?  Seriously?  Tomorrow’s April for crying out loud!!!

So tired of winter!!!

The boys have been good sports about the whole thing, even though I know they’re ready to climb the walls.  Oh wait, they’re already doing that – HA!!!  I know I’m climbing the walls.

Icicles formed on our satellite dish.

I gotta say, I’m pretty proud of myself and I usually don’t toot my own horn.  But, gosh darn it, hubby’s on the other side of the country, we’ve been dealing with back to back storms and for the most part, I’ve been handling this on my own. Some days I lose it, not gonna lie.  But, knowing that there are people around looking out for us if we need them is a big sigh of relief.

Now, if someone would just turn off winter and hit the spring switch!!!

The winds have picked up and I’m sure we’re in for a doozy tonight.  The crews from Maritime Electric have been going non-stop since this morning working to restore power.  Many thanks to all those workers out there doing everything they can to turn the lights back on.  We’re pretty fortunate, some aren’t.  Please take a moment and pray for all the workers out there and for anyone who may be in the dark and/or alone. I’ve come to realize that nothing should be taken for granted because life can turn on a dime, just like that.