Reflection – 100 Day Blog Challenge – Day 83


Do you ever have one of those days when you look back and wonder what happened during the day?  Today was one of those days for me.  The day started off with a little excitement with the dog and her bath (thankfully she loves/tolerates her baths.)  The day also started off cloudy and a little chilly, but by mid afternoon, the sun came out and it actually looked like summer was in the air.

Photo courtesy of Justus

We were treated to airplane maneuvers from the Canadian Hercules that usually practices in our neighborhood.  The boys love watching the maneuvers, seeing the officers parachute out of the plane and the overall sound of the plane flying by is such a thrill.  It always brings them back to the 2012 Air Show, which they talk about as if it were yesterday.  Fun times, Isaac even took pictures with the parachuters and the boys got to take home a bunch of streamers.  Fun times.

As I’m looking back on the day, for some reason, something seemed to be missing or I’ve just been replaying the day in my head.  Could I have done things differently?  Was there anything that I should have gotten done that I didn’t get done.  And, as I’m typing this blog, it hits me.  Planning.  What has happened to my planning?!?!?!  This was one of my strong suits.  Scheduling, lists, order…they just seem to have gone out.the.door.  There’s really no explanation or finger pointing.  It all comes back to ME.  I need to get back into planning my days, weeks, etc.  It’s not completely lost, but it definitely could be a lot better.

Thumbs up with Isaac

So, looking back on the day.  Fun times for the boys, some productive elements on my end, but, I need to step it up and embrace my inner planner.  Get back in the game and be tough on myself when I feel like I’m slipping.  No one else can do it because no one else knows when I’m not doing my absolute best.