Take Out the Trash – 100 Day Blog Challenge – Day 75


What happens when you don’t take out the trash or allow things to just accumulate?  After a while, it starts to stink, you can’t conentrate, and it takes over.  It”s all consuming and nothing gets done.  It’s downright nasty.

Life is full of lessons and affirmations.  Fore me, I care too much.  I care about others and making sure they are well, happy, thriving.  Sometimes it can backfire because I care more than the individual.  When someone doesn’t “get it” or decides to continue down their current path, what I need to do is learn to love and relase them.  I’m getting better, slowly, but I am getting better at this.

This whack over the head “a-ha moment” took place this week.  Someone decided to go down a different path, and that is something I cannot change.  The only thing I am in charge of is my reaction to things.  When I don’t let things get to me and realize to dig below the surface, things will be fine.  Take what I need, throw away the rest, learn from it and move on.

What this week has taught me is that people change, they go sideways, and may never take the same path you’re taking.  All I can do is love them, release them and move on.  Taking out the trash, getting rid of the clutter and making room for something better.  When you get rid of the excees dead weight and allow the right people and things into your life, it’s amazing what happens.