My Travel Journey – 100 Day Blog Challenge Day 46

The Trip That Wouldn’t Quit

“This was the trip that never ends; it just went on and on and on…”

Oh, the life of traveling.  I didn’t get to post last night because I couldn’t find an area with decent Wifi, so here’s my story of my travel yesterday.

My day started at 2:30 Wenesday morning.  Woke up and headed to the airport (thanks, Jean for driving me.)  When I got there, I was told there was going to  be an hour delay, so instead of leaving at 5:30, we had a 6:30 departure.  We take off at 6:41 and arrive in Toronto at 8:15am.  My connecting flight to San Francisco was scheduled to leave at 8:15, so I missed that flight.  The agent at the desk is working magic to get me on a connecting flight that will get me to Salt Lake as quickly as possible.  The only thing that was available was Toronto to Kansas City to Salt Lake and arrive at 7:30.  I was glad for the reroute, but I made dinner plans for 6:30 that had to be cancelled.

My new flight arrangements left me stranded at the Toronto Airport for 8 HOURS!!!  Our scehduled departure for Kansas City was supposed to leave at 2:45; we didn’t BOARD the plane until 3:15.  We land in Kansas City, and I’m then told to make my way to baggage claim.  I thought that was strange, because I was originally told my bags were checked straight through to Salt Lake.  Anyhow, once that debacle was cleared up, I also realized I needed to be in Terminal B…I was in Terminal C.  I hop on the Red Bus to Terminal C, make my way to the Delta desk and was told that there was a ticket on file, but no name issued, so I would need to pay.

At this point in time, I am at my wits end.  I told the agent behind the counter, “Look, I’ve been up since 2:30 this morning; I’ve been stranded in Toronto for 8 hours; was sent on a wild goose chase for my bags that weren’t there, got the shuttle over here and NOW you’re telling me I have no ticket?  That’s not an option.  I NEED to get on this plane!!!”  So, the agent worked her magic, told me I’d have to go through security, and if I can get on the plane, it’s not a guarantee.  I went through security, ran to the gate.  There were about 6 people at the gate on Standby.  The lady at the gate asked my name, and I told her who I was.  She then said, “Sorry guys, this is hers.”  I got the very last seat at the back of the plane, sat down and bawled.

I made it to Salt Lake 30 minutes before our scheduled time.

That was a trip unlike any other!!!  

I’m still on PEI time (which is 3 hours ahead of Salt Lake) and I’m shocked I’m still going.

Anyhow, it’s after 9 on PEI, after 6 in Salt Lake.  There will be more to come!!!