What Are Your Worst Habits – 100 Day Blog Challenge Day 39

My Worst Habits

So, how many of YOU like to list your bad habits?  Sometimes it’s a good thing because you’re able to recognize where you have room to grow.  My bad habits are up there, and I won’t share all of them, but I am willing to get uncomfortable and open up.

1.  Procrastination – not really sure if this constitutes as a bad habit, but I most certainly need to get better at getting things DONE!!!  I tend to get really passionate about something, get out of the gate running, and then I’ll plateau.  Things become either really comfortable or I get burned out or maybe even bored.  Then, I’ll either go through the motions or not have the same passion as when I first started.

2.  Peanut Butter on a Spoon –  talk about a weird transition.  Yes, peanut butter is my weakness…having it on a spoon is a recipe for disaster.  Somebody start an intervention.  I think I need help.

3.  Late night snacking – with all I do with keeping fit and active, I still have a tendency to do some late night snacking.  At times, it’s not even intentional; it’s almost as if it’s become a…”habit.”  I’ll be working on a project and I’ll gravitate to the fridge and grab something (see #2).  I am getting better in this area, but it’s still an area that could be improved.

4.  Second-Guessing Myself – this usually comes when someone’s views of me come into play.  This is definitely an area I REALLY need to improve.  I know my strengths; I know that what others say or think about me is not my business.  But, I let my emotions take over, self-doubt comes into play and I start listening to those negative thoughts.

My mind is drawing a blank at the moment. I’m pretty sure I can think of others because I tend to be overly critical of myself.  This is an area I will probably revisit, not just ot list my bad habits, but to recognize them and take the necessary steps to eliminate and/or improve on these bad habits.

So, what bad habits do YOU have that you’re willing to share and would like to improve?