OneWord365 Challenge – Purpose

This year is all about change; challenging myself and creating a better me.  A friend shared with me a website  Instead of making resolutions that end up getting shelved after a couple of weeks, choose one word and let that word Featured imagebe your focus for the year.  I was drawn to it immediately, and decided to join in the challenge.

My word is PURPOSE!!!

I thought about why purpose is the perfect fit for me and here are some reasons.  Ever since I decided to challenge myself, I made the decision and will not look back.  With that, I realize that everything I do from here on out will be on purpose; with purpose; for a purpose.  Everyone I come in contact with will be on purpose; how I live my life will have purpose.  My goals for the year will be on purpose.  I will do it on purpose.

Are you up for the challenge?  What one word would you choose as your focus for the year and how will it impact your life?  I can’t wait to see where this journey takes me.  I can already see the changes happening and the steps I have to take to make things happen.

This is my purpose, because I will do it on purpose.

Stay tuned, and enjoy the ride.

Out With the Old; In With the New – Making Changes in 2015

It’s January 1, 2015.  Wait a secFeatured imageond, where did 2014 go?  Talk about gone in a blink of an eye.

So, it’s the first day of a new year, and as always, many of us will be making “resolutions;” vowing to be better, do more, change our habits.  What is it about the new year that gets so many people wound up about change?  What makes today different from yesterday, 2 days ago or even 2 years ago?  You hear it all the time:

“I’m going to go to the gym more and get rid of this extra weight.”

“I’m going to read more books.”

“I’m going to get out of debt and FINALLY rid myself of all this worry and be financially free.”

“I’m going to be a better person.”

And so on and so on.

Hey, I’m no different.  In fact, I’ve said all those things (and more) every year, and more often than not, by March, I’m back to my old habits.  It’s not that I’m a bad person or I suck at resolutions.  The fact is, I, and many others tend to lose focus.  I can’t speak for anyone else, but there are times when I get scared, lazy, act the fool and follow the crowd.  I know bchangeetter than that.  I know what I am supposed to do.  If I want a better life, to lose weight, to get out of debt, and all the other things on my list, I need to CHANGE!!!  That’s it and all there is to it.  If I continue to do the same things I did last year (and the year before,) I’m going to be in the same spot I was last year (and the year before, etc.)

So, what does it take to change?  It takes a driving force within me that’s so deep and profound that regardless of what’s going around me, I cannot stop!!!  It’s like the Nike slogan says, “Just do it!!!”  It certainly doesn’t take doing anything drastic.  By just taking small steps every day, I’ll be that much closer to tackling all the things on my list and moving forward.

It’s the start that stops us.

Take blogging, for example.  I love to write.  I think I’m pretty good with expressing myself though words.  Plus, I really, really enjoy writing.  Yet, time and time again, I will get into a blogging groove, then just stop.  It’s almost sad, when you think about it.  What is wrong with me?  Sometimes, I just need to smack myself in the head.

So, with this being a new day, and a new year, I am going to be that cliche and go for the change.  I am challenging myself to do the things I said I would do and put my best foot forward.  It’s going to be hard; I’m gonna wanna quit; some days I’m gonna cry and may even wanna smack somebody.  But I owe it to my family, my kids, MYSELF to do the things I set out to do.

What do I have to lose?  Nothing.

What do I have to gain?  EVERYTHING!!!

It starts now.  Onward to a better life and great things ahead.

Making Changes and Upgrades

Moving On

I’ve been debating and weighing my options for a while now, and I have decided to move my blogging to WordPress.  I kept hearing from some readers they were unable to leave comments and/or had certain restrictions.  This is not what I want for anyone who visits my blog.  As I’ve stated in many of my blogs, I aSmart_Move_Logom very real and express myself through my writing, and I do not want anyone to feel as if they are being restricted.  I’ve been on a see-saw with blogging in the past and it is my hope to use this as a platform to connect with my audience.

Once I figure out how to import my blogs to this page, I will be doing so in spurts.  In the meantime, I will be posting here, so be on the lookout for more posts.

This page is also a work in progress, so please bear with me as I get familiar with my new surroundings.

I love feedback and welcome all comments.  Please feel free to comment and let me know your thoughts and if any of my posts have helped you in any way.

Thanks for stopping by.  Take care, and be well.