Worker Bee or Wannabee…Which Are You?

A few days ago, I was listening to a training call from one of my mentors, and one of the things she spoke about was worker bees vs wannabees.  I’ve heard this topic many times in the past, but for some reason, it stuck with me this time.

What are some differences between worker bees and wannabees?

Worker bees dowannabees think.

Worker bees keep going untilwannabees keep going unless.

Worker bees understand success takes time and is long-term…wannabees quit when results don’t happen quickly.

Worker bees help others reach their goals…wannabees only help themselves.

After listening to some of the examples of what separates worker bees from wannabees, I started thinking…have you ever had a friend/co-worker, etc. who always found the negative in things?  Thought their world was always coming to an end? Made excuses or wouldn’t do the work? (“Oh, no one wants to work iwth me”“Oh, you don’t understand what I’m going through”; “Oh, it’s easy for you because…”; “Oh, you’re part of a great team, that’s why you’re successful”; “Oh, you didn’t help me reach my goal”; “Oh, I don’t have anyone to work with/you didn’t put any great people on my team.”)  It’s always a never-ending cycle of woe-is-me.

Do you know ay of these people?  Are you one of these people?

Sometimes we have to be willing to take a good, hard look at ourselves and have that keep-it-real conversation and ask are we worker bees or wannabees?  Have you fallen into a rut and blame everyone around you for your failures?  Do you sit on the sidelines because things have gotten tough or you’ve hit a rough patch?

Remember, the only person who can change you is YOU.  You have to do the work in order to see the results.  It’s going to take time; you’re going to hit some roadblocks and for many, it’s a matter of hitting the “Refresh” button.  No matter what, keep doing the work; keep going until.

Be a worker bee; not a wannabe.