On Pins and Needles – 100 Day Blog Challenge – Day 45

Exciting Times

I’m taking a day from the topics of the blog challenge to let everyone know how EXCITED I am right now!!!  I am all packed (almost), and ready to go.  I’m heading out to Salt Lake City, Utah for our National Convention.  This is my 4th convention and this one really feels special.  I’m not sure if I can explain it, but the days leading up to this week have been nothing shy of “butterflies in my stomach.”

I’ve got an early morning flight and I’m still up.  I’m listening to a training call and I’ll be leaving in just over 3 hours.  I am crazy!!!  But, I’m excited.  These next few days are going to be filled with so many great things that I hope I don’t burst.  Looking forward to seeing some great friends I haven’t seen in a year and making new friendships.

So, what gets YOU excited?  What are some things that give you that pit in your stomach that is just so amazing!!!

Stay tuned…the next few days will be exciting.

Can’t WAIT!!!